Marie Corelli (1855-1924)

Best selling and most highly paid author of her time…..her books were read by royalty to the poorest of shop girls.She took up the cause for protecting Shakespeare’s legacy in Stratford Upon Avon becoming one of the first true conservationists. She apparently did not mince her words either, much to the annoyance of the male hierachy in the town.Marie was often seen in a gondola on the River Avon having brought a gondolier over from Venice….what a sight that must have been to behold! The beautiful angel that has stood over her grave was vandalised and toppled to the ground causing much damage,but thankfully now it has been mended having been sent to The City & Guild School of Art in London for restoration and is now back in place.SUACemMariaCorelliAngel1




It is a land with neither night nor day,
Nor heat nor cold, nor any wind, nor rain,
Nor hills nor valleys; but one even plain
Stretches thro’ long unbroken miles away:
While thro’ the sluggish air a twilight grey
Broodeth; no moons or seasons wax and wane,
No ebb and flow are there among the main,
No bud-time no leaf-falling there for aye,
No ripple on the sea, no shifting sand,
No beat of wings to stir the stagnant space,
And loveless sea: no trace of days before,
No guarded home, no time-worn restingplace
No future hope no fear forevermore.

Christina Rossetti ~ Cobwebs